How it works...

From 'Find Locations', Navigate to the region near your location to see what facilities are available. Different markers indicate the type of facility. You can click on a marker to read more details about a facility.


Public Darkrooms. Staffed community based darkrooms offering public access at regular times and able to give user advice. They often also offer training, exhibitions and special events - great places to get started and if local to you perfect for ongoing use.
Private Darkrooms. Owners who may be prepared to offer others access at mutually agreed times, some may also offer training as well.
Darkroom Wanted. Photographers requesting access to a local darkroom in which to print.
Darkroom Tuition. Specialist printers and photographers who offer courses in darkroom techniques.
If you are seeking a darkroom or tuition and no markers near you are shown you can register your interest and put your own marker in your location. If you have a Public or Community darkroom, or are a professional offering tuition you can register your details and place your marker at the location. If you are the owner of a Private Darkroom willing to give access to others by mutual arrangement, you may Register and place your own Marker. The Marker will only show limited details. No personal information will be shown. People may contact you by automated email and you can decide if you wish to respond or not. Only you can reveal your contact details.

Click on the relevant Register links at the top of the page or below. The options are:

Follow the instructions on the page to place the marker at your location. If you are looking to share a darkroom, or are the owner of a Private Darkroom, you may not want to indicate your exact location.

Click 'Save This Location' and fill out the registration details in the forms provided on the following pages. You will be allowed to add photographs of you and your facilities if you wish.

The website will automatically send you an email for you to verify that it is a genuine Registration. You will also be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions.

For Public Darkrooms and Darkroom Courses full details of location and contact will be revealed together with information about the facility and any costs.

For Private Darkrooms and those seeking to use a darkroom no personal details will be made visible. When visitors are Logged in, viewing the details will show a 'Contact Via Local Darkrooms Messaging' link. This opens a dialogue box to send an email to the other party. You can then communicate between each other and make arrangements as necessary. HARMAN technology Limited will have no further involvement in any communication.

If you are looking to share a darkroom, or are the owner of a Private Darkroom please consider the following precautions:

  • Don’t disclose your address or phone number at first point of contact

  • Consider meeting for the first time at a public place during the day

  • Tell someone close to you before the first meeting

  • Don’t offer to leave a key before you feel completely comfortable

  • HARMAN technology Limited only log outgoing mail to you, all contact after that point is directly between the requestor and provider

You can amend or delete your details from the Register at any time by Logging In and going to your account

While HARMAN technology Limited provide this website for the benefit of darkroom enthusiasts to find or offer facilities the company will not take an active role in any contact arrangements. HARMAN technology do reserve the right to remove any content deemed unsuitable or offensive.

Please read the Terms and Conditions document.